About Us

Co-Founder – Brandon Ribak

Brandon is a young entrepreneur who has a deep interest in internet businesses and online marketing. Using his sharp business acumen, online marketing expertise, tech savviness and innovation, he co-founded Web Service Consulting with visions of helping others grow their online businesses.

Brandon looks forward to the new challenges that await his company! Find him on Google+!

Co-Founder – Hunter Feierstadt

Hunter has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Marketing from the University of Central Florida. He prides himself on his communication skills and strategic thinking. Hunter thinks outside the box and brings creative and innovative ideas to the table. He previously worked as an Operations Manager for an alarm company located in South Florida. It was here that he learned the necessary skills to operate a successful business.

Hunter has a passion for online marketing and enjoys the challenge of helping web-based businesses reach their highest level of succes.

Our Company

Web Service Consulting is fueled by its founders Brandon Ribak & Hunter Feierstadt. WSC’s knowledge of internet marketing and the intricate nuances involved is UNMATCHED in the industry.

Through our extensive experience in the search marketing and application development industry, WSC is fully-equipped with resources and proven tactics to execute on each investment and business strategy.

Web Service Consulting is always looking to connect with businesses on a deeper level. WSC has been at the forefront of applications and media companies, investing strategically and opportunistically in businesses to provide long term value for partners, while producing ideas and concepts to enhance revenue and user experience.

What sets WSC apart from all the rest isn’t just the subject matter expertise, but rather the practice of infusing principles and work ethic, which drives results.