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The ultimate question. The question that should be the very first of many, but typically ends up being neglected until weeks or months after your website is up and running.


How do you grow your website or online business?


Brandon Ribak


Once you’ve gotten over your obsession with what colors your site will have, and after you’ve spent countless hours with a designer to perfect your logo, it’s time to actually get to business.

And no, that doesn’t mean going out and hiring your buddies Indian SEO team, or going onto fiverr and purchasing 10,000 high PR backlinks.

Growing your websites traffic is an art, not something that money can buy (unless you stick to just PPC or have unlimited funds to waste until you get it right).

It’s taken myself trial and error, learning from others and ultimately going with what feels right in order to grow a website.

Now, I provide you with some key insight into growing your online business. If you want the full details, you’ll just have to get on my good side :)



Whoever said that content isn’t king doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Content is one of the most important aspects of a website. Without it, how would Google or any other search engine understand what your website is about, and more importantly, how would they know what keywords to rank you for, if any?

Providing your readers, as well as the search engines with high quality and professionally written content consistently, for not days, or weeks, but month in and month out forever, will strongly contribute to growing your website.



Now that we know what’s one of the most important factors for the on-page of a website,  and because you’ve now produced super high quality content for your visitors, it’s time to discuss what factor heavily influences the off-page of a website.


When quality websites link back to your website, this shows the search engines a few different things.

1. Your website is relevant to the demographic and offers some sort of beneficial resource to those visitors of the website that linked to you.

2. Because that quality website, which is viewed as trustworthy in the search engines eyes, linked to your website, the search engines will slowly begin to recognize you as being another trustworthy source.

3. Once you receive a handful of high quality backlinks from various industry related websites because of your outstanding content, your website’s trust will continue to grow to the point where you gain authority in your niche.

Once you’re able to become an authority in the eyes of the search engines, you’re websites content and the keywords that you’re targeting will favor over the likes of your competitors, resulting in higher rankings in the search engine results pages and more traffic to your website.



Nothing happens in the blink of an eye. To be successful in growing your website you can’t take shortcuts or cross corners….Google knows and sees everything.

If you wish to grow your online business to the point where traffic is pouring in, you MUST show the search engines that your the real deal, and not some joker trying to beat the system.

Consistently posting high quality content will yield to high quality websites linking back to your site. If you stay positive, remain consistent, refrain from cutting corners and ultimately let TIME take it’s course, you will have found the simple, yet extremely effective secret to growing your website/online business.

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