Brandon Ribak: 3 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website In 2014

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Brandon Ribak

In this day and age, it’s not wise to go against what Google says, especially if you seek organic traffic growth. You can either follow their guidelines and naturally grow your site, or you can put your website at risk and potentially never see page one rankings…ever.

With Google constantly updating their algorithms, it’s understandable if you don’t have the time to keep up with their every move, and that is precisely why we are here to help.

Brandon Ribak

Without further a-due, below are three different strategies you can incorporate into your business to drive traffic to your website in 2014.


1. Write for your Visitors, NOT for the Search Engines


Years ago, you could simply stuff your article with the keyword that you aim to rank for, and boom, you quickly began receiving trickles of traffic for that term. Not anymore.

In order to actually grow, you need to focus on writing quality and useful content for your visitors, instead of mumbo jumbo in an attempt to beat the system.

It’s just like the phrase, if you build it, they will come.

Focus on giving your visitors the absolute best possible content available on the internet. If you are offering invaluable content that cannot be found anywhere else, word will get out about your awesome information and so will the inbound links.


2. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords to Drive Traffic to your Website


While the entire world is attempting to go after the mac daddy search phrases, laser in on niche-specific keywords that fit your business.

Think about this, let’s say your companies name is “Cookies R Us” and you offer an amazing cookie called “cookie dough peanut butter cookie”. If 5 million people are competing to get ranked for the keyword “delicious cookies”, what are the chances that YOU, of all those millions, will actually rank for the keyword on the first page?

Hate to break it to you, but those odds are slim to none.

But if you focused on the long tail phrase, such as the specific cookie that you offer your customers “cookie dough peanut butter cookie”, the chances of getting ranked for this term are much more likely. And on top of that, the people searching for this phrase are much more likely to convert and purchase your product.

Drive traffic to your website by sticking to unique long tail keywords that aren’t very popular, and your traffic will grow. Remember, the more unique the phrase is, the better chance you have of ranking for it quickly, since the competition will be close to non-existent.


3. Ride the Wave


Growing your traffic doesn’t happen over-night, unless you were to hire a company like Web Service Consulting! Just kidding.

But really, you cannot expect your traffic to sky-rocket after launching your website. This process takes time, and Google wants to see you slowly and steadily producing content at a consistent rate. Consistency is very crucial.

If you focus on writing quality content for your visitors, and target long tail keywords, especially terms that aren’t highly competitive, you will succeed and grow your website in due time.

If you are interested in kick-starting growth for your business, or need a company that can help you get over your plateau, or need desperate help with a dying website, be sure to reach out to us via our contact us or request a quote page.

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