Manual Penalty Removal Services

Manual Penalty Removal Services

Worried about spammy or harmful back links? Did you receive a manual penalty for unnatural links from Google? Our manual penalty removal services focuses on identifying toxic links that are seen as unnatural and spammy by Google.

Low-quality links from referring domains can be weighing your website down severely. Take back the control of your website by using WSC’s manual penalty removal services.


Our Manual Penalty Removal Approach


  • We begin by adding a list of URLs from referring domains that are either penalized or seen in an unnatural way by search engines.
  • WSC manually evaluates every URL to ensure that only harmful links are to be removed.
  • WSC has the resources in place to pull all the contact information (multiple contact emails, contact forms and social media addresses).
  • We will customize an email template to begin an outreach campaign in a strong effort to have website owners remove that spammy link pointing to your website.
  • Our approach keeps careful tracking of if and when links are removed. Multiple attempts to reach out to website owners is performed to ensure a thorough removal campaign.
  • Website URLs who do not respond in the outreach campaign are placed in a Disavow file that will be submitted directly to Google once accuracy is ensured.
  • Documentation is carefully updated and used in the submission process of your “Reconsideration Request” where the Google web spam team will take a deeper look into our efforts in order for a manual penalty to be revoked.

While no Google manual penalty can be guaranteed to be revoked, WSC follows industry best practices in back link removal clean up.

Now that your unnatural and toxic back links are taken care of in good hands, you can get back to focusing on what matters most about your business/website. Shoot us a call today!