Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

In this day and age, there is arguably nothing more important than an established Social Media presence. With the way the internet is evolving, now is the perfect time to grow your social community in order to help increase your organic search rankings, establish yourself as an authority source within your industry, and ultimately reach new heights with your business.

Define brand awareness, segment customers, and tap into their social presence with WSC Social Media Marketing

Developing the Social Media Marketing Strategy

With major search engines like Google and Bing incorporating social media signals (Facebook Likes and Shares, Twitter Tweets and Retweets, etc) into their algorithms, it’s absolutely vital to have a clear cut social media strategy for your company in place prior to executing.

Our first approach is to fully analyze your business and industry, as well as your competitors. What this allows us to do is understand who you’re targeting from a demographic standpoint, as well as how your competitors are achieving success.

After gathering that data, we can put together a plan of action that will focus heavily on relationship building within your industry, as well as sharing your unique content and information. These two essential factors help establish a very important connection between you, your brand, and your targeted customers.

No matter what your ultimate social media goal is, we can help develop a custom strategy that will perfectly fit with your ideas in mind. Below is a list of some of the services that you can expect to receive within our approach.

  • Increase of Brand Awareness

  • Growth of social media followers

  • Increase in social/referral traffic

  • Infographic creation and promotion via social media avenues

  • Promotion of giveaways and contests

  • Sharing of content to further grow social signals